Enter the danger zone

Sometimes when shooting downhill mountain bike races, to get the best photos, you have to put yourself right in the path of any rider who might be unfortunate enough to crash. Fellow photographer Jason Stevens (in the blue shirt) was in one of those spots during Saturday’s practice runs during the final round of the Victorian Downhill Series at Mt Beauty. Just before this rider went down, Jason was talking about changing lenses – fortunately he wasn’t mid-change when this happened – talk about dust on the sensor!


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2 thoughts on “Enter the danger zone

  1. Hi Tim,
    I was the Paramedic at Mt Baw Baw and Mt Beauty and I would like to commend you on the top shot of my ass when treating the crashed rider. Just wondering if there are any other cool images you have ??
    I hope your well and hope to see you on the another mountain soon.


  2. I got taken out by a rider at Beauty a few years ago. I was knocked out briefly and suffered a broken collarbone. I’m very wary of where I shoot from since then !

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