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Director and Cinematographer observing a rehearsal

Shooting super 16mm for our final year film project at RMIT University.

As mentioned in my last post, I’ve been in this image making game for almost 15 years now – starting in high school with making my first video in a Media Studies class, through to today, where I’m freelancing as a photographer and videographer. I also recently started writing professionally, and will have my first review published in the next issue of Enduro Magazine. Along the way, I’ve worked on many Victorian College of the Arts films (Melbourne’s premier school for directors) in both lighting and cinematography roles. You may see me back on the student film set later this year as I try my hand at stills photography for films – very useful for promotional purposes. I was also heavily involved with community television’s Channel 31 for a few years, helping out with RMITV’s live tv productions, including a season of setting up an outside broadcast once a week for 13 episodes of Dawn’s Crack (hit me up in the comments if you ever saw an episode!) – a Saturday morning variety show, shot live to air from the student lounge. I also put in a regular appearance behind a camera at Falls Festival, shooting for the big screen, and lurking around in the photo pit when I could get away with it! Even did a stint at a live stage at the Edinburgh Festival one year. After a couple of years as a camera assistant on feature films and television commercials, I finally settled down at a well known camera rental house for a few years, learning all the gear from one of the best in the industry. From there I spent about four years behind a desk working for the Victorian government, helping them to get their story out via Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, right around the time they decided that there were other avenues for listening to the population. And back to now – working for myself. The first year has been great – tough, a lot to get my head around with regard to running a business, but overall very enjoyable.
The idea behind this blog is to give me an outlet for my personal projects, and to share the knowledge and experience I’ve garnered over the years. Often when out shooting I’ll be approached for advice, especially at mountain bike races (cycling is my other big passion). This will be a place to help spread that advice.

I also intend this blog to help me in achieving some personal goals, around the stories I’d like to tell, and hopefully some publications further down the track.

I’d love it if you could tell me a little about yourselves in the comments, or let me know if there’s any part of my background that you’d like to hear more about, and I’d especially love to hear from anyone who might have seen an episode of Dawn’s Crack (Channel 31 circa 2002)!

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