Mt Buffalo

After working professionally with cameras in various capacities over the last ten years, I have recently been given the opportunity to make the move into full time freelancing. With a strong background in video production, about five years ago I ramped up the stills photography side of things, initially drawn into it via mountain bike racing. I’d been racing semi-seriously for a year, and would often notice the photographers out on course. As race entry fees were getting more expensive, and my race results weren’t getting any better, I figured I’d give race photography a try. This was a great way to practice – as the competitors rode around the course you’d get endless subjects, allowing me to work out the best angles and lighting for each location. It also turned out to be a great way to combine a love of the outdoors with a love for creating an image that conveys the sense of being out there.

I’ve carried with me this idea of conveying a feeling, or inspiring an action, through everything that I shoot, be it still or video. Trying to inspire my audience to get out there amongst it – if just one image can result in one person downing tools and heading out on their bike, or start planning that epic ride for the weekend, then I’m happy I’ve done a good job.

I want this blog to help me to deliver on that further. Initially posting twice a week, I’ll be telling you about my own adventures, and providing tips on how I go about documenting them, including gear reviews, articles on workflow, and ideas on places to go (looking forward to researching this one!). If this sounds like the kind of thing you’d be inspired by, then please subscribe to the RSS feed for this blog, and keep an eye out for my newsletter subscription.

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