Ride me a river

Road trip! After a shaky start, including a mid-freeway passenger handoff, I made the 7+ hour drive up to the Nation’s capital – a fitting place for a weekend of racing that would decide Australia’s champion mountain bikers for another year.

Tasked with chasing the Kona Factory Team around the course, I was free to concentrate on just the downhill aspect of the weekend. Taking full advantage of this, I skived off on Friday to enjoy actual riding of a mountain bike, instead of watching and photographing others. The delights of Sparrow Hill kept me suitably entertained, although with the new-to-me road realignment it seems we have lost the fantastic Bobsled trail that was always a fantastic way to finish off a ride.

Saturday and Sunday could not have displayed a more different track. From dry, dusty, and incredibly windy for practice runs on the Saturday, the heavens opened up on the Sunday. Rain off and on all day gave a preview of what was to come, and as if right on cue the rain came bucketing down bang on four o’clock – just as the downhill race runs began.

The photos above tell the story of the dry vs wet track, and be sure to head over to the Kona Factory Team race report for video and more photos.

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