4 thoughts on “Timelapse – Spring storms over Melbourne

  1. Nicely done Tim! whereabouts were you shooting from. I’ve been on the lookout for vantage points to get a good coverage of the movement around the city but am a little clueless at the moment.

    • Thanks HSekhon. This was taken from a friend’s balcony in Coburg, which doesn’t really help you! I keep meaning to head to the top of the hill on the Yarra Boulevard, near the Chandler Hwy exit of the Eastern Freeway – there’s some great city views from there.

  2. Tim, nice. You could check out LRTimelapse, a plugin for Lightroom. It allows you to change the settings on various frames throughout the sequence then smooth the metadata between those points. Helps when the exposure needs to change through a sunset or such.

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