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sunrise over the bay of fires

Sunrise over the Bay of Fires, St Helens Tasmania – Copyright Timothy Arch 2014

Hi, I’m Tim (or Timothy as my mother used to insist I’d be called). And this is my blog. I’m a photographer and videographer, based in Melbourne, Australia, focusing on outdoors, action, adventure, and the people and stories that surround these ideas. I’ve been involved in image making for nearly 15 years now, in some form or other, from camera assisting on feature films, to shooting live bands at festivals, and covering major mountain biking events; always trying to speak to the people involved. Seeing as one of my main aims behind my photo and video production is to inspire others through these stories, I figured it was high time I started getting serious about writing a blog, partly to help share these stories, and hopefully to help others pick up some helpful hints and tips along the way. I plan to share not only the projects that I’m working on, but also what goes into those projects, the thought process behind them, and some pointers to help inspire your own work.

Some of the areas I plan to cover are:

  • Where to find inspiration
  • How to learn from other influences
  • Camera and lighting techniques
  • Book reviews
  • Gear reviews
  • And all kinds of production tips

I’m also hoping to be able to take you behind the scenes on photo and video shoots, to give you an idea of how I work from concept to shoot, to the final product.

The goal is to update this twice a week, ideally Tuesdays and Fridays, but the schedule may need adapting as I go. I’ll definitely keep you informed as to any changes.

Let me know in the comments below if there are any areas of photography or video production that you would particularly like some help with understanding.

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